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Centre for Neuroscience in Education


The Maths Development, Memory, Anxiety and Dyscalculia (MMAD) Laboratory is a group of researchers headed by Dr. Dénes Szűcs.

The aim of MMAD Laboratory is to understand both cognitive and emotional aspects of mathematical development. There are four main areas that the group’s research falls into; the typical development of mathematical skills, the role of recollection when developing said skills, emotional issues (primarily anxiety) that impact mathematical learning, and learning disabilities (primarily dyscalculia). 

Studying the evolution of important building blocks of mathematical knowledge during childhood can provide great insight into developmental trajectories relating to numbers and mathematics. Researchers in the MMAD Laboratory have studied how educational achievements relate to cognitive and emotional factors in a range of children from those who are typically achieving, those with mathematical learning problems, and “gifted” children. In order to understand the differences between child and adult cognition relating to maths and memory, research is also conducted with adult participants. With the knowledge they have gained, the researchers with the MMAD Laboratory hope to prevent and or remediate cognitive and emotional mathematical learning problems, which will ultimately improve the level of mathematical competence in society.

The nature of this research means that the MMAD Laboratory are almost always looking for people to participate in our studies, which often occurring concurrently with others. While they are currently unable to accept new participants, the researchers are always planning for future projects. If you, or your children, would like to be contacted about upcoming studies, then please send an email to [address].

For more information on the subjects the MMAD Laboratory team are researching, have a look at the links below:


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