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Centre for Neuroscience in Education



The Sunday Observer

05/05/2024 - Read me a story: why reading out load is a joy for adults as well as kids. Read the article here.



01/12/2023 - Why nursery rhymes are best for your child's brain: Speaking in a sing-song voice helps babies to learn language, study finds. Read the article here.


01/11/2023 - The Best Science Books for Children: the 2023 Royal Society Young People's Book Prize recommended by Usha Goswami. Read the article here.

07/09/2023 - Finland-based programme, GraphoGame, receives 2023 UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize. Read the article here.

2015 - 2020

Times Educational Supplement
08/11/19 - "We must understand the root causes of dyslexia". Catherine Lough interviews Professor Usha Goswami to discuss the work of CNE and how the centre came to be founded.

Times Educational Supplement
07/06/19 - "How nursery rhymes can tackle dyslexia". Professor Usha Goswami discusses with Zofia Niemtus the way that young children learn language through rhythm, and how dyslexia impacts that potential.

The Telegraph
14/03/19 - "Maths anxiety' may be fuelling a national crisis, researchers say". This article looks at CNE’s research on Maths Anxiety, with Dr. Dénes Szűcs expanding upon the significance of these findings and the way they could shape future education policy. 

The Telegraph
09/05/15 - "The last word on dyslexia?". Ahead of her talk at the Hay Festival, Professor Usha Goswami is interviewed by Eleanor Doughty where she explains how research has revealed that dyslexia is a language disorder rather than a visual disorder, and that it is not linked to intelligence. While early intervention is best, she argues that it is never too late to intervene to help children with dyslexia. 



2010 - 2015

The Telegraph
09/10/14 - "Six new ways to teach children more effectively". This article lists the GraphoGame Rime project as one of the innovative methods researchers are studying in order to aid education.

British Educational Research Association
16/02/14 - “40@40”. To mark its 40th anniversary the BERA named forty landmark studies published during the past forty years. Among these was a study led by Professor Usha Goswami (which can be found in the 2004 - Present category).

The Telegraph
09/07/12 - "Girls are more likely to suffer from 'mathematics anxiety'". An article by Education Editor, Graeme Paton, on the findings from researchers Dr. Dénes Szűcs and Amy Devine that girls are failing to pull ahead of boys in maths because of heightened fear and apprehension over number problems.



2005 - 2010

Business Weekly
12/08/09 - An article on the recently awarded MRC grant to investigate developmental dyscalculia using brain imaging techniques to Dr. Dénes Szűcs, Professor Usha Goswami and Dr. Tim Rowland (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge) and Rhodri Cusack (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge).

22/10/07 - "The Case for Chutes and Ladders". This article refers extensively to a paper by Dr. Dénes Szűcs and Professor Usha Goswami in order to show how kids build concepts of numbers one by one, through a mental number line.