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Centre for Neuroscience in Education



Brentwood School
09/07/20 - Isabel Williams gave a presentation to and had a discussion with an A-Level student about working in Psychology. 

STEMroller - Empowering Female Students
29/02/20 - An opportunity for students between 11-19 to come and network with fifty women working in STEM fields, as well as watch them compete in a friendly roller derby match. Dr. Áine Ní Choisdealbha was one of the professionals speaking to the students and playing in the ensuing games.



2015 - 2020

Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre
02/10/19 - "Dyslexia, Language, Rhythm and the Brain". Professor Usha Goswami gave an invited address at the opening of the Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre, Stockholm University, Sweden, in the presence of the Swedish Royal Family.

Cambridge Science Festival
18/03/17 - "Babies: Rhythm & Language". With evidence to show that brainwave rhythms alter to align with rhythms in speech, the CNE BabyLab team were on hand to explain how they measure ‘rhythmic processing’ in babies’ brains and conduct tours of the CNE's BabyLab EEG and motion capture areas.  

Cambridge Science Festival
12/03/16 - "I don't do maths': Understanding school children's anxiety about maths". An open workshop event linked to the Nuffield Trust's project on Maths Anxiety for parents, teachers, practitioners, and other interested parties. Presented by Dr. Ros McLellan (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge), Amy Devine and Emma Carey (Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge).
12/03/16 - "Maths and memory: How, when, where and what?". A hands-on event with puzzles, speed maths tricks and visual memory tasks. Members of CNE's maths group explain how having a strong visual short-term memory can make people better at maths

Hay Festival
22/05/15 - "How can neuroscience help us to understand the sensory processing differences that can give rise to learning difficulties like dyslexia?". Professor Usha Goswami was invited to speak at the festival.

Edinburgh International Science Festival
15/04/15 - "A Very Short Introduction to... Child Psychology". A talk given by Professor Usha Goswami about her book.

SMART Cognitive Science Conference
27/03/15 - "Shared Processing in Language and Music". Professor Usha Goswami was an invited speaker at this conference on music cognition.

Salzburg Global Seminar
27/03/15 - "Implications for Early Childhood Development, Education, Public Understanding, and Research". At the Salzburg's conference The Neuroscience of Art: What are the Sources of Creativity and Innovation?, Professor Usha Goswami led a session with Professor Mariale Hardiman (John Hopkins University) and Soo-Siang Lim (National Science Foundation).

Bridging Neuroscience and Learning Workshop
23/01/15 - The White House Office of Science and Technology had convened a policy workshop on neuroscience and learning to which Professor Usha Goswami has been invited. The aim of the meeting was to identify research gaps in neuroscience and education, to highlight innovations in research methodology and data analysis in the field, and to produce ideas for disseminating information about research findings in neuroscience and learning more widely.



2010 - 2015

Festival of Ideas
28/08/14 - "Cambridge Stars - Big Ideas 2". Recently-elected Fellows of the British Academy, including Professor Usha Goswami, talked about their ground-breaking research at this public event.

British Dyslexia Association Conference
28/03/14 - "Speech Rhythm and Temporal Structure". Professor Usha Goswami presented a paper as part of the conference's focus on creating impact through innovation.

Centre for Educational Neuroscience
14/03/14 - "Testing Theories of Developmental Dyscalculia". This one day workshop bought together current research in educational neuroscience so that, primarily, PhD students could learn what was happening in the field. Amy Devine gave a presentation at this workshop, the slides of which can be accessed here.

The British Neuropsychological Society
12/03/14 - "Phonological Deficits in Dyslexia: The Temporal Sampling Framework". Professor Usha Goswami presented a paper as part of the conference's focus on creating impact through innovation.

Oxford Brain Day
22/02/14 - "Language and the Learning Brain". At the 11th annual event Dr. Vicky Leong was invited to give a talk. 

Queen Edith Primary School
28/01/12 - "Science and Technology Saturday". The CNE's Maths Team demonstrated some of the computer games used in their research and explained how they use EEG to measure brain waves.

Cambridge Science Festival
19/03/11 - "Exploring the Mind". This was a day-long event of hands-on activities run by CNE researchers and students from the MRC dyscalculia and dyslexia projects, with the aim of introducing the public to their research.
19/03/11 - "Dyslexia, Reading and Music". A talk presented by Professor Usha Goswami.



2005 - 2010

University of Hertfordshire
02/12/10 - "Rhythm, Rhyme, Reading and Dyslexia". This talk given by Professor Usha Goswami was part of the School of Psychology Seminar Series. 

Oundle School
03/06/09 - "The Impact of Cognitive Neuroscience to Education", "Role of Rhythm in Reading Development" and "The Case of Number and Space: Cognitive and Classroom Measures". Dr. Tim Fosker and Sonia White visited Oundle School, Peterborough to give talks to members of staff and teachers from neighbouring schools.

Cambridge Science Festival
14/03/09 - "Neuroscience & Education: Looking at Learning Difficulties". A public talk in which Professor Usha Goswami explained how EEG can help us to understand the sensory processing differences that can give rise to learning difficulties like dyslexia. 
11/03/09 - "Science on Saturday". The centre offered hands-on activities for children, posters, games, quizzes, demonstrations of experimental computer-based tasks and tours of the EEG lab.
11/03/09 - "Making the Most of Our Minds". A discussion between top scientists Professor Barbara Sahakian (Department of Clinical Neuropsychology, University of Cambridge), Professor Usha Goswami, Professor Felicity Huppert (Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge) and Sandy Thomas (Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge) in a discussion on improving mental capital and wellbeing. This was chaired by Tim Radford from The Guardian.

Cheltenham Science Festival
08/06/08 - Professor Usha Goswami explored in her talk what we know about the causes of dyslexia and how this knowledge can be used to make future diagnosis.

Research Day, St John's College, Cambridge
15/03/07 - "Rhythm and Reading Project". Members of the MRC Project Team gave presentations to an invited audience of headteachers, teachers and support staff, parents of participant children and the children themselves. Professor Usha Goswami provided a background to and overview of the project while Dr. Mathilda (formerly Martina) Huss (Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge) and Dr. Tim Fosker explain how the different tasks are developed and what outcomes might be anticipated.