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Wellcome Trust & EEF Project: Can neuroscience improve teaching and learning

In October 2014, the Wellcome Trust and Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) announced the launch of six projects to investigate a variety of ways in which neuroscience might improve teaching and learning in the UK. Thousands of pupils across England will take part in a series of randomised controlled trials after the funding bodies identified a need for more robust evidence about how neuroscience relates to learning in order to support teachers and schools keen to use the science. The six projects have been awarded grants totalling almost £4 million. In addition, funding will be provided to ensure the rigorous and independent evaluation of all the projects.

Wellcome Trust & EEF Project: Can neuroscience improve teaching and learning - Read More…

CNE talks

Recent or upcoming talks by Centre members at external events:


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Professor Usha Goswami: invited speaker at the Hay Festival (22nd May 2015): How can neuroscience help us to understand the sensory processing differences that can give rise to learning difficulties like dyslexia?

Professor Usha Goswami: invited speaker at the Edinburgh International Science Festival (15th April 2015) on "A Very Short Introduction to... Child Psychology".

Professor Usha Goswami: invited speaker at the SMART Cognitive Science Conference in Amsterdam (27-28th March 2015) on music cognition. Under discussion is Shared Processing in Language and Music (SPLM).

Professor Goswami: Salzburg Global Seminar on The Neuroscience of Art: What are the Sources of Creativity and Innovation? (21-26 February 2015)

Professor Goswami: Bridging Neuroscience and Learning Workshop, a White House Office of Science & Technology policy event (January 2015), Washington DC.

Professor Goswami: Cambridge Festival of Ideas (October 2014) - following her election to the British Academy, Prof. Goswami talks about her ground-breaking work.

Professor Goswami: Speech Rhythm and Temporal Structure, British Dyslexia Association 9th International Conference, Guildford. 28/3/2014. 

Amy Devine: Testing theories of developmental dyscalculia, Workshop on Educational Neuroscience, see the CEN website for more details. 14/3/2014.

Dr Sheila Flanagan: Phonological deficits in dyslexia: The Temporal Sampling Framework, British Neuropsychological Society,  London. See the BNS website for programme details. 12/3/2014.

Dr Vicky Leong: Language and the learning brain, 11th Oxford Brain Day, University of Oxford. 22/2/2014.