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Kanad Mandke


I am a Research Associate on the Botnar project since January 2019.

Before joining CNE, I pursued a MSc in Brain Imaging (2014) and a PhD in Psychology at the University of Nottingham (2014-2018), where I investigated auditory evoked potentials and training related plasticity using MEG. During my PhD, I also worked on multilayer networks. My MSc was supported by the Developing Solutions scholarship and my doctoral training was supported by the prestigious Vice Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence awarded by the University of Nottingham.

At CNE, we aim to investigate speech entrainment in children with dyslexia using M/EEG.

Research Interests

M/EEG, Auditory processing, Connectivity analysis, Network neuroscience

Key Publications

Mandke, K., Meier, J., Brookes, M. J., O’Dea, R. D., Van Mieghem, P., Stam, C. J., … Tewarie, P. (2018). Comparing multilayer brain networks between groups: Introducing graph metrics and recommendations. NeuroImage, 166, 371–384.