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Before submitting PhD

Preparing to submit your PhD

About two months before you are due to submit your dissertation, you need to apply for examiners to be appointed.   Normally two examiners are required, one from within the University (internal) and one from another institution (external).

You should complete the Intention to Submit form (from the Degree Committee) and submit it together with a copy of your dissertation summary to the Degree Committee office, following the instructions on the form.  The Degree Committee will then set in motion the process of appointment by asking the relevant Head of Department to make nominations; he or she may consult your supervisor at this point. The summary is used to inform the Head of Department and potential examiners about the content of your work.  Students are not expected to nominate potential examiners themselves.

The form also contains a section for voluntary disclosure of any disability which you may wish your examiners to be made aware of. If you tick any of the boxes, you will be put in touch with the Disability Resource Centre who will then provide the necessary advice and guidance. If appropriate, your Degree Committee will advise the examiners accordingly.