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Centre for Neuroscience in Education


Dr. Susan Richards became a Research Associate for the Centre for Neuroscience in Education after returning to the centre in 2020. She is currently working on the Yidan Project, having worked previously on the Rhythmic Perception, Music and Language in Children with SLI project. 



Susan completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge, where she wrote her thesis on “Sensitivity to Rhythm and Developmental Language Disorder in Children” under the supervision of Professor Usha Goswami. This research was funded by an ESRC studenship. The University of Cambridge was also where Susan completed her MEd, while she was awarded a degree by the University of Sheffield after a BA in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford.

She has previously worked as a Speech and Language Therapist for the NHS.


Key publications: 

Richards, S., & Goswami, U. (2019). Impaired recognition of metrical and syntactic boundaries in children with developmental language disorders. Brain Sciences, 9(2), 33.

Richards, S., & Goswami, U. (2015). Auditory Processing in Specific Language Impairment (SLI): Relations with the Perception of Lexical and Phrasal Stress. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 58(4), 1292-1305.

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