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Centre for Neuroscience in Education


Dr. Anji Wilson (nee West) has been a Research Associate with the Centre for Neuroscience in Education since 2011. She is currently working for the Botnar project, having previously worked upon the Rhythmic Perception, Music and Language, Educational Neuroscience and Developmental Dyslexia, and the GraphoGame Rime projects.



Anji completed her PhD in Experimental Psychology at the University of Cambridge. She was awarded an MSc in Human Biology by the University of Oxford, and a BSc in Pathobiology (with Chemistry) from the University of Reading. Before joining the University of Cambridge she worked with the Cancer Research Campaign Epidemiology Group, Oxford, and also taught at what is now Oxford Brookes University.

When Anji first began working at the University of Cambridge in 1989, it was as a member of the Winnicott Research Unit, Department of Psychiatry. While there Anji was involved in research on the effectiveness of support offered to first-time mothers and the impact of postnatal depression on child development. In conjunction with the Cambridge Mediation Service, Anji has gone on to lead research into the effectiveness of child counselling and training services in local schools. These projects have been funded by organisations including the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Sir Halley Stewart Trust.

In 2000 Anji became a member of the Centre for Family Research, Department of Psychology, where she worked as a research associate on studies of kinship, peer interactions, and predictors of success in the transition to school. She has also worked with The Psychometrics Centre on the third edition of the British Ability Scales (BAS3).


Key publications: 

Goswami, U., Cumming, R., Chait, M., Huss, M., Mead, N., Wilson, A. M., Barnes, L., & Fosker, T. (2016). Perception of Filtered Speech by Children with Developmental Dyslexia and Children with Specific Language Impairments. Frontiers in Psychology7, 791.

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Wilson, A., Edwards, J., Allen, S., & Dasgupta, C. (2003). School-based Support Work for Children Whose Parents Have Separated, Findings Document. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.



Other publications: 

Murray, L., Cooper, P., Wilson, A., & Romaniuk, H. (2003). Controlled trial of the short- and long-term effect of psychological treatment of post-partum depression: 1. Impact on maternal mood. British Journal of Psychiatry182(5), 412-419.

Murray, L., Cooper, P., Wilson, A., & Romaniuk, H. (2003). Controlled trial of the short- and long-term effect of psychological treatment of post-partum depression: 2. Impact on the mother-child relationship. British Journal of Psychiatry182(5), 420-427.

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While working at what is now Oxford Brookes University (then named Oxford Polytechnic), Anji taught Biological Anthropology to undergaduate students.

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