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Dr Ruth Cumming

Research Associate


Ruth joined the CNE in April 2010 on the Nuffield Foundation's Rhythmic Perception, Music and Language project. She gained her PhD from the University of Cambridge (Department of Linguistics), investigating the interdependence of pitch and duration in the perception of speech rhythm, using Swiss German and French as example languages. Prior to that, Ruth received her MPhil in Linguistics in 2007 from the University of Cambridge, in which she specialised in Phonetics and wrote her dissertation on the production of consonants and rhythm by bilingual Swiss-German~French speakers in Switzerland. In 2005, Ruth graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BA in French and German. Her current research interests include how multiple acoustic cues are integrated in the perception of speech rhythm, and how children with SLI might differ from typically-developed children with respect to their processing of rhythm in speech and music. Ruth left at the end of 2012 to concentrate on raising her young family.