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Dr Kinga Morsanyi


Dr Kinga Morsanyi was awarded a one-year post-doctoral ESRC research fellowship in December 2011 to work in collaboration with Dr Denes Szucs at the CNE. Kinga has a background in the development of reasoning skills in typical development and in special populations (especially in autism). She is particularly interested in reasoning heuristics, probabilistic reasoning, analogical reasoning, and how reasoning skills can be improved through training. She holds an MSc in cognitive neuropsychology from Lorand Eotvos University, Hungary, followed by a PhD in experimental and developmental psychology at the University of Plymouth, UK (2005-2010).

Key Publications

  • Morsanyi, K., & Handley, S.J. (2012). Heuristics and biases - Insights from developmental studies. To appear in: P. Barouillet & C. Gauffroy (Eds.) The development of thinking. Psychology Press. (in press)
  • Morsanyi, K., Handley, S.J. & Serpell, S. (2012). Making heads or tails of probability. An experiment with random generators. British Journal of Educational Psychology. (in press)
  • Morsanyi, K., Primi, C., Handley, S.J., Chiesi, F. & Galli, S. (2011). Are systemizing and autistic traits related to talent and interest in mathematics and engineering? Testing some of the central claims of the empathizing-systemizing theory. British Journal of Psychology. (in press)
  • Chiesi, F., Ciancaleoni, M., Galli, S., Morsanyi, K. & Primi, C. (2011). Item Response Theory analysis and Differential Item Functioning across age, gender and country of a short form of the Advanced Progressive Matrices. Learning and Individual Differences. (in press)
  • Thompson, V.A. & Morsanyi, K. (2011). Analytic thinking: Do you feel like it? Mind & Society. (in press)
  • Morsanyi, K., & Handley, S.J. (2011). Logic feels so good -I like it! Evidence for intuitive detection of logicality in syllogistic reasoning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition. (in press)
  • Chiesi, F., Primi, C. & Morsanyi, K. (2011). Developmental changes in probabilistic reasoning: The role of cognitive capacity, instructions, thinking styles and relevant knowledge. Thinking and Reasoning, 17, 315-350.
  • Morsanyi, K., Handley, S.J. & Evans J.S.B.T. (2010). Decontextualised minds: Adolescents with autism are less susceptible to the conjunction fallacy than typically developing adolescents. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 40, 1378-1388.
  • Morsanyi, K & Holyoak, K.J. (2010). Analogical reasoning ability in autistic and typically-developing children. Developmental Science, 13, 578-587.